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비덴트, 신제품 방송장비 ‘LXM 시리즈’로 IBC 2023 참가… 신규 계약 러브콜 잇달아 (스포츠서울.. admin   2023-09-20

LXM 시리즈 6종 선봬…"방송장비 제조 기술력 소니와 대적"

비덴트 티브이로직, ‘KOBA 2023’서 신제품 LXM 시리즈 호평 (전자신문, 한국경제, 뉴데일리 외) admin   2023-05-25

지난 16~19일 KOBA 2023에서 신제품 공개., 신제품 비롯한 다양한 라인업 출고 문의 쇄도

비덴트 티브이로직, 방송용 모니터 신제품 ‘NAB 2023’서 공개 (데일리안, 전자신문, 매일경제 외) admin   2023-05-02

비덴트의 방송장비사업부 티브이로직(TVLogic)은 최근 ‘국제 방송장비 전시회(NAB) 2023’에 참가해 4K/UHD 방송용 모니터인 LXM 신제품 등을 공개하며 호평을 받았다고 2일 밝혔다.

비덴트 '티브이로직', 방송사 UHD 부조정실 잇따라 수주 (SBS Biz, 전자신문, 매일경제 외) admin   2023-02-03

EBS-SBS 내 UHD 부조정실 구축사업 선정., 올해 UHD 수주 확대 통해 매출 성장 지속

비덴트 '티브이로직', 세계 최대 방송장비 전시회 'NAB 2023' 참가 (전자신문, 디지털타임즈, 뉴.. admin   2023-01-11

신규 기능 탑재 4K-UHD 방송용 모니터 3종 전시 "글로벌 시장 확대 및 브랜드 이미지 제고 목표"

TVLogic Newsletter_November, 2019 admin   2019-11-20

TVLogic Newsletter

TVLogic Will Unveil New Broadcast Monitors At IBC 2019 admin  

TVLogic, designer and manufacturer of LCD and OLED High Definition displays and support systems, will show various new broadcast monitors including 10inch field monitor (F-10A) and 24inch & 31inch 4K HDR monitors with a vast array of new features that make the field shooting and video production more efficient.

TVLogic Invites NAB 2019 Delegates to a New Experience in .. admin   2019-04-05

Ian McCausland to present sessions designed to educate visitors on the advantages of using a 4K/UHD Color LUT Box for color reproduction at NAB 2019 in Booth C 3639

TVLogic's NAB Booth is so Bright, You Have to Wear Shades admin   2019-04-05

Monitor manufacturer showcases an incredibly bright field monitor, full-HD LCD display/field view-finder, real time digital color management system, and compact and portable backup storage unit

TVLogic Expands Image Processing and Color Correction and .. admin   2018-11-01

TVLogic Expands Image Processing and Color Correction and Management Capabilities with Acquisition of Color Management Solutions from WoWoW Entertainment

TVLogic unveils new 7inch field production monitor with ul.. admin   2018-09-11

TVLogic unveils new 7inch field production monitor with ultra-luminance at IBC 2018

TVLogic Acquires NEXTODI admin   2018-04-06

TVLogic, designer and manufacturer of LCD and OLED High Definition displays, has announced the acquisition of NEXTO DI, the world's exclusive provider of portable field backup storage for digital cameras located in South Korea, effective immediately.

Pyser Optics at BVE London admin   2018-02-02

Pyser Optics will be exhibiting a number of products at BVE 2018 Excel London including a range of exciting new monitors from TV Logic. They are delighted to be unveiling the latest in HDR and 4K technology.

Vidente (TVLogic) Filed Lawsuits against Postium Korea admin   2017-10-11

The global leader of broadcast monitor supplier with TVLogic brand, announced that two lawsuits were filed against Postium Korea for violating the 'Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act'. (TVLogic hereafter refers to Vidente Co., Ltd)

TVLogic Will Show 4 New Broadcast Monitors At IBC admin   2017-09-14

At IBC2017, TVLogic will show four new broadcast monitors including its 5.5-inch OLED Viewfinder Monitor(VFM-055A) featuring FHD resolution and 31-inch 4K (4096x2160) HDR Reference Monitor(LUM-310R), featuring 2,000 nit peak luminance and supporting multiple HDR formats. TVLogic will also show the 55-inch UHD (3840x2160) OLED Monitor(LEM-550R) with multiple HDR format support and the 16.5-inch QC Grade Monitor(LVM-171S).

TVLogic partners with Colorimetry Research for unparallele.. admin   2016-04-13

TVLogic announces a new partnership with Colorimetry Research Inc. (CRI), the industry-leading provider of color measurement devices, to facilitate more accurate color reproduction for their broadcast monitors and calibration service for customers.

TVLogic unveils 12G-SDI 4K Monitors and Multi-viewer package admin   2015-09-07

TVLogic, the designer and manufacturer of broadcast and professional displays, will launch two new 12G-SDI single link 4K monitors, 12G-SDI 4K multi-viewer packages and two new 7 inch monitors at IBC 2015

TVLogic to Launch 12 New Displays at NAB 2015 admin   2015-03-11

TVLogic, designer and manufacturer of LCD and OLED High Definition displays, has announced plans to launch a total of 12 new models at NAB 2015 to address the increasing demands of broadcast, production, post-production, digital signage and multi-viewer applications.

TVLogic Debuts 12 New Products at IBC 2014 admin   2014-09-12

TVLogic Debuts 12 New Products at IBC 2014 - Two high-brightness field Monitors, Three studio wall monitors A new OLED monitor, Two UHD monitors and Four rack monitors

TVLogic at IBC 2014 admin   2014-09-09

The new 31 inch true 4K grading monitor, LUM-300W will be shown at IBC in September. With 4 SDI, 4 HDMI & 2 DP inputs the LUM-300W covers 97% of the DCI colour gamut. It is the second 4K monitor from TVLogic & will be joined by a 55 inch quad HD display monitor, LUM-550, shown in Europe for the first time at IBC.